When students make $100k+

As a product creator and consultant, it is a very proud moment for us when a buyer/student comes back and tells us that they have implemented our training we gave away to make $100k+. In fact, one of the students has made $350k+ in under 5 months using one of our tools.

This new guy on the block – Hung – is no different (except that he is not our student!)

Instead, Teespring Jedi-Master Damien Caceres helped shape up this newbie from nothing to $100k – and you can read all about how he did right here!

Hung was a part of Damien’s mastermind group for over 2 months, spending over $1k for coaching. But now Damien has packaged that ENTIRE result-oriented coaching as part of the training course. For a very limited time only, he has made this available for KVSocial customers.

As you know – we do a fair bit of Teespring – but not like Damien.

So much so, that I requested early access to the course as I wanted to pick up and implement few things myself!

Already – our team is reporting better niche generation and targeting to get the desired results. Some components are still missing – like readymade T-shirt designs and ads – but don’t worry – I have a solution for that!

What I have done is created over 100 T-shirt designs which can be yours IF you chose to buy Tee Profits Recipe here!

Here’s a list of what bonuses are included:

1. Social Mini-Store – FB Sales page creation software used by OVER 4,000 happy customers (I had to twist Karthik’s arm to make it available for our customers)

2. Secret TeeGrabber – Find out high converting T-shirts on ebay!

3. 25x Trending T-shirt Designs – We give you 25 readymade T-shirts we’ve created following Tee Profits Recipe guidelines

4. 50x High Converting Ad Images – Same thing – 2 ads per T-shirt so you can start right away!

All of this is included when you purchase via this link:
==> http://gosocial.limitlessmarketer.zaxaa.com/s/250539899781

Neil Napier

P.S: This product has JUST gone live – you can check out all the bonuses and a special video we created right here: https://kvsocial.com/bonus/tpr/

P.P.S: I will do a webinar to give you some kick-butt training on Teespring tomorrow – keep an eye on your email for the free training link!