VideoCloudPro discontinuation

TL;DR The 30th of September 2017 we will shut down our software VideoCloudPro. If you have any questions or if you are looking for a replacement please contact support:

About 10 months ago Neil and Steven decided to narrow the focus of the company to just 2 words: “Funnels & Conversion” and everything we would do from then on would be to serve our new focus.

During the last 10 months or so we’ve been slowly narrowing our focus to only work on a few big products that help our customers create kick-ass funnels and increase conversions for all funnel pages and connected websites. Our 2 main projects as of now are + (1), Kyvio (2).

We still have other softwares that fall outside these 2 pillars that we will continue supporting but they won’t receive any major updates anymore (please note that ADConnect will be a Kyvio module and will receive major updates).

This lead us to the decision to close down our software called ‘VideoCloudPro’. Hence from 30th of September 2017 this website will cease to exist and users won’t be able to login anymore. The few still active users of this software are invited to contact support so we can see what we can work out to best serve you.

P.s. for the astute reader yes Jobrack & Teamrack don’t really fall under the ‘Funnels & Conversions’ focus we have set for our company. However these projects are too promising to shut down and for that same reason we are looking for a new CEO for these project to run them independently with our support of course. Know anybody? Or is that person you? Contact us!