Struggling with fulfillment?


When it comes to physical products, most people don’t venture in as they are scared of fulfillment! Of course, there are other things too, but most of the time, people ask – “Where do we source the products from?”

Let me break it down into 3-steps for you! If you want to create and sell physical products, here’s what you can do…

Step #1 – Pick a physical product you’d like to sell. Looking through best selling products on Amazon is a good thing to do!

Step #2 – Look for how you can source the products. Amazon/ebay are priced so you won’t always make a good margin – so look for dropshippers. Look for Keyword + Dropshipper

Step #3 – Contact these dropshippers telling them about how many you plan to sell per month (100 or so to begin with is a good start). Try and communicate to them that you are interested in building a long term relationship and voila!

Fulfillment done!

And when it comes to selling – well ProductPages is the best solution I have seen in the market – and it is only available till midnight ET/NY. So go grab it here:

I will send you another reminder later today – but do get it now in case you won’t be around later today!

Neil Napier

P.S: We are holding a special QnA webinar session today at NOON ET/NY – you are signed up for that – but do attend that if you have any questions! See you there!