Social + Mobile Surveys in 7 Minutes!


In case you missed our webinar earlier today – don’t worry – we’ll do an encore tomorrow (Tuesday) at 3 PM ET/NY.

But for now, I do want to point you towards Funnlr – perhaps the most versatile social + mobile survey creator right here:


This is an exciting new software by Lee, Stuart and Tom who have been working at it for over 4 months – to create a survey software that works in Facebook as well as Mobile (And in Facebook on mobile – that’s pretty sweet!)

If you got my 3-step email yesterday, you’ll realize its pretty easy to get prospects:

– Interested
– Engaged, and
– Committed…

…to get whatever it is you are selling! In fact, Lee used the same principle to generate $100 in one single day with $10 worth of ads (if I have my numbers right).

Its also the same concept I used last week to add an extra $5,000 to our immediate income.

I am SO impressed with Funnlr – that I have put out the BIGGEST bonus package to date…

If you are interested in building up surveys for yourself and your clients within FB + Mobile, checkout Funnlr and our bonuses: