Social Mobi Hotsites now available!

In case you missed my email yesterday (or earlier today), don’t worry – I will summarize it in the next paragraph.

But for now – know that Early Bird price for Social Mobi Hotsites has JUST gone live.

Grab it here:

Social Mobi Hotsites is a NEW lead-gen phenomenon that is taking both local and online markets by storm. There have been multiple MILLION dollar businesses that have built this kind of business – a lead gen business that could pay you anywhere between $50-$500 per lead!

The cool thing is with Social Mobi Sites you can generate your OWN business – so no freelancing, no products – nothing.

With the Facebook integration – these sites can actually go VIRAL! Making your job even easier.

I’ve covered some info about it in a special video I created…check it out here:


This SaaS-based Video Hotsite system (no installation/no hosting needed) let’s you get FB-Mobile-Ready Hotsite in 4 simple steps:

#1 – Selecting a Local Niche such as restaurants that has “viral” potential
#2 – Clicking & deploy while leveraging the “CSV Mass Upload” functionality
#3 – Sign up local businesses leveraging your “Social Proofed Community” Hotsite
#4 – Drive “Geofenced” FB traffic so your Hotsite becomes popular.

This is REALLY powerful – and if you are already on the webinar, you will see this!

But if you are not – no worries – just go to that link, check out my video and you will see how POWERFUL these hotsites are:

Neil Napier

P.S: While you read this email, I might very well be on a flight – travel day today.