Higher Conversion that Teespring…?

Now that’s a BOLD claim…but we’ve got
numbers to back it up!

If you are in the business of selling physical
products, digital products or working with
clients who have either of these, you NEED
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Shaun and Jason have simplified the art of
selling physical products.

Let’s talk T-shirts for a second…

Teespring is great – I like it and make money
with it every month – but here’s what I think
is wrong with it:

– You don’t build a list (no long term business)
– You get LESS profits (you can definitely get more)
– If a campaign doesn’t tip, you lose money!

That’s pretty bad considering there’s no other
way to fulfill and keep OVER 60% of the revenue.

Or so you thought – right?

Because Product Pages allows you to do JUST
that – keep the list, keep the profits and keep
MAJORITY of the money (and no lost sales
for an untipped campaign).

Click here to watch a video I recorded:

==> http://productpages.co/neil

Its a FANTASTIC opportunity for anyone selling
any kinds of products online!

Especially if you dont want to build your business
to the likes of Teespring, Amazon and such!

On the page that follows, we have included some
limited time bonuses too..

…which include our PROPRIETARY tool called
TeeGrabber (gets you hot-selling T-shirt ideas
from eBay).

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Neil Napier

P.S: I will send you a replay from webinar tomorrow!