About Us

Create, Travel, Experience

We are literally anywhere.
Creating the most awesome experiences while traveling
both online and offline, in our lives and in our products.

Software & Services That Move the Needle for Your Company

We do many things – but there’s one thing we are really good at – growing at a remarkable pace – year after year. And we help our students – other business owners – do the same with our products and services.

Our software help businesses like yours become more efficient and effective. But if you are looking for more – you can contact us to learn more about our mentoring program – where we work with you one-on-one.


Automate Proven Business Models

Our mission is to create innovative software that automates (parts of) proven business models such that our software helps make you more profits. We are here to test out different business models and when proven to work automate the heck out of these models making running your business using our software a breeze


Freedom and Living Life to the Fullest

Call it AI, call it Machine Learning or Smart Software. The fact of the matter: it is here to stay and will only become a bigger parts of our lives and business. In our vision we embrace the future, we live in a world of abundance, creativity and freedom (of working from anywhere in your hours). Life is not meant to work at a desk for 40 years 40h a week, life is meant to be lived while you work and create value for others in any way possible. We encourage digital nomadism, freedom to create and discover the world. Our vision: create softwares that help business realize this world with us.


Behind Every Great Company – There is an even better Team

It’s hard to keep track of everybody – but we do our best in this map…