3 Steps to Hands-Off Residual Income

Yesterday, if you were on the webinar around “3 steps to hands-off residual income” – Great!

If you were not – keep reading…

I broke down a 3-step process which has NEVER been shared before…

So I will elaborate there here – but you DO need Local Lead Examiner to make it work.

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Here are the 3-steps:

Step #1 – Generate Traffic
Use free or paid traffic techniques to land prospects on your website (step #2 will convert them into clients). There are a couple of scripts you can follow for cold emailing, or use FB Business Finder – both of which are available as bonuses when you purchase Local Lead Examiner.

Step #2 – Offer Value (and close leads)

Show them exactly how their website is faring, with the help of Local Lead Examiner (which you can rebrand and put on your own site).

Then once they get a detailed report, they will give you there email address which you can follow up in order to close them.

Step #3 – Fulfillment

No need to fulfill yourself – as you can simply make partnerships with developers and designers and still keep 25-50% of the project.

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