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With Vidlify Pro, You Can:

  • Monetize Each Site On Autopilot - with Adsense, Amazon, CPA or any other affiliate network. With the in-built ad module, you can now run as many ads as you want! You can even place multiple ads next to each video & on the homepage
  • Auto-Schedule and Drip - Feed Videos So Google LOVES Your Sites. There is nothing worse than a static content site which doesn’t get new content. Vidlify PRO gives you NEW Content without you even having to log into the site! This way, you can build Your Content Hands-Free
  • Developer License means that you can either sell these sites to clients (or host it for them – making ADDITIONAL revenue per month), or FLIP them on sites like Flippa. Last we checked, video niche sites were selling for as much as $2,000…so you can bank big with this INSTANTLY
  • Install Unlimited Sites – that’s correct – with this license you can create AS MANY SITES AS YOU WANT…and since we host all the traffic for you – you have no additional costs from hereon. We make sure this is the ONLY cost you pay today. That’s it!

You Need To Get Your Hands On Vidlify Pro

Now I'm sure you can't wait to get your hands on Vidlify and start playing with this awesome software & create beautiful sites.

Yes, it's certainly awesome to be able to create video sites at the push of a button, build your list fast and easily curate more content - all with minimal work.

But what if you could have your sites update themselves every day, without you having to touch anything? So that they get bigger every day, getting more Google rankings, more authority, more traffic, more leads?

What if at the same time, you could use these very same sites and monetize them by selling any type of affiliate products, Adsense ads or Amazon products?

And what if, to top it all, you could flip those sites at the end getting paid thousands for work that took you minutes?

Or actually get PAID by clients to build Vidlify sites for them - even before you put in any of the work?

Hope I have your attention. Because that's exactly all that you get inside Vidlify Pro.

Auto-Scheduler Creates Drip-Feed
Curated Content on Autopilot

Set-and-Forget Content Curation Automatically Adds More Videos For You Every Day - Without You Even Having To Log In To Your Vidlify Sites.

You see, in the regular Vidlify option, you can add tons of content at the push of a button. But see, you actually have to log into your site, choose your keywords and pick your options.

You'd think: "Sure, it's a bit of work, but it's something I can easily do"

Now listen: I'm sure you live a busy life. There will be days when you don't have even the 10 minutes a day to log in and curate content on your own. And that's when your traffic will start to slow down - because Google loves consistency and Google loves seeing your site getting updated all the time.

So after a while, you may start to dread having to log in every day. And if you're managing 10 Vidlify Sites, not just one - you'll waste precious time too.

Lucky for you, Vidlify Pro takes care of ALL that - by automatically curating content for you and drip-feeding it every day. That's right, you pick a keyword and the frequency with which you want Vidlify to drip-feed it, and it's all done for you. Just take a look:

Ads Management System For Autopilot
Product and Affiliate Monetization
($197 Value)

This is huge - what if you could add ads next to every video you have - ads to any affiliate program, Adsense, Amazon or even your own product?

Now you can, with Vidlify Pro! Even better, you get a number of different options including featured ads on your homepage. This allows you to supercharge the amount you're making with Vidlify, and really diversify this amazing asset.

Take a look at some of the ways you can use our ads management system:

Developers License
Flip & Sell Any of your Vidlify Sites
($497 Value)

What if we took Vidlify and allowed you to use it to sell websites to clients?

I've been in this business, and people are willing to pay between $400-$800 for a proper design.

Imagine how much money you could make by selling them websites created with Vidlify. With our beautiful designed, mobile-friendly, profit-churning custom CMS, it's going to be one easy sale.

And you can build them within 2 minutes - without any need to pay a designer expensive fees.

With the license you can purchase today, not only will you be able to sell this to clients for a huge profit, you'll also be able to flip them on Flippa, with the software installed.

These websites will be incredibly valuable because the software is custom made and the design premium.

Unlimited Vidlify Site Creation For You,
Your Clients or Flipping...

We host the sites, we host your traffic – you don’t need to ever worry about server issues…

We have a FULL TIME server management professional on board to ensure your sites are HIGHLY optimized to get anywhere between 100 and 10,000 visitors a day (and more when you get there!)

So once you setup 1, and then 10 and then 20 vidlify sites…

You’d want to setup more!

And you can do so with this PRO upgrade which gives you permission to setup UNLIMITED Vidlify sites!

How does that sound?

To recap: you're getting $891 worth of value with Vidlify Pro.

Lucky for you, we're not going to charge you that.

You have a one-time opportunity, to get the drip-feed & schedule features that will save you HOURS and that Google loves, our premium ads management system that will help you monetize Vidlify sites in the most powerful way possible, and a developers license which enables you to build & sell or flip Vidlify sites... for 90% OFF

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