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Why is Every Vidlify Marketers Now Switching
To Location-Based Marketing?

Now Vidlify itself is a POWERFUL site-generation engine.

But what can you do if you REALLY want to personalize your site for local and online visitors?

Check out to see how I mean:

How do we make sales, get leads and build a business?

Recently, when I was casually browsing a website, I found something that was INSTANTLY attractive…check this out:

This is the power of Geo-Targeting!

Imagine how this would look inside Vidlify…POWERFUL – right?

With this – this is how your marketing would be better:

Check Out What
You Can Learn About Your Visitors

Personalized Location Targeting Squeezes
More Out Of Every Visitor...

Frequently Asked Question & Answers

Q Are these GeoTarget Codes Mobile and Facebook compatible?

Yes – they certainly are. We have made sure that you can do FB/MObile integration with a few clicks. All the training is provided!.

Q How many GeoTarget Campaigns can I run per site?

One campaign per site only – with which you can show GeoTarget text on top of your Vidlify sites.

Q Do I get developer rights? Can I offer this to my clients?

Yes – you do get developer rights and you can offer this to your clients!

Q Would these GeoTargets work on Facebook and Mobile?

Certainly – these GeoTargets work PERFECTLY inside of both Facebook and Mobile. For Facebook, if you are using GeoTarget on your own sites, you do need SSL – which is a Facebook requirement. As of now, Geotarget.rocks does have SSL

Q Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes – you are covered by a no-questions asked 30-day money back guarantee! But please know that after we close down this launch, this offer will turn to monthly (just like other IP-based services out there!)

Q If skip this now, what price can I get it at later?

You won’t be able to get this offer after this Friday!