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Social + Mobile Surveys in 7 Minutes!


In case you missed our webinar earlier today – don’t worry – we’ll do an encore tomorrow (Tuesday) at 3 PM ET/NY.

But for now, I do want to point you towards Funnlr – perhaps the most versatile social + mobile survey creator right here:


This is an exciting new software by Lee, Stuart and Tom who have been working at it for over 4 months – to create a survey software that works in Facebook as well as Mobile (And in Facebook on mobile – that’s pretty sweet!)

If you got my 3-step email yesterday, you’ll realize its pretty easy to get prospects:

– Interested
– Engaged, and
– Committed…

…to get whatever it is you are selling! In fact, Lee used the same principle to generate $100 in one single day with $10 worth of ads (if I have my numbers right).

Its also the same concept I used last week to add an extra $5,000 to our immediate income.

I am SO impressed with Funnlr – that I have put out the BIGGEST bonus package to date…

If you are interested in building up surveys for yourself and your clients within FB + Mobile, checkout Funnlr and our bonuses:

Social Mobi Hotsites now available!

In case you missed my email yesterday (or earlier today), don’t worry – I will summarize it in the next paragraph.

But for now – know that Early Bird price for Social Mobi Hotsites has JUST gone live.

Grab it here:

Social Mobi Hotsites is a NEW lead-gen phenomenon that is taking both local and online markets by storm. There have been multiple MILLION dollar businesses that have built this kind of business – a lead gen business that could pay you anywhere between $50-$500 per lead!

The cool thing is with Social Mobi Sites you can generate your OWN business – so no freelancing, no products – nothing.

With the Facebook integration – these sites can actually go VIRAL! Making your job even easier.

I’ve covered some info about it in a special video I created…check it out here:


This SaaS-based Video Hotsite system (no installation/no hosting needed) let’s you get FB-Mobile-Ready Hotsite in 4 simple steps:

#1 – Selecting a Local Niche such as restaurants that has “viral” potential
#2 – Clicking & deploy while leveraging the “CSV Mass Upload” functionality
#3 – Sign up local businesses leveraging your “Social Proofed Community” Hotsite
#4 – Drive “Geofenced” FB traffic so your Hotsite becomes popular.

This is REALLY powerful – and if you are already on the webinar, you will see this!

But if you are not – no worries – just go to that link, check out my video and you will see how POWERFUL these hotsites are:

Neil Napier

P.S: While you read this email, I might very well be on a flight – travel day today.

[Online] Social Media + Free traffic = Nice Commissions!

I want to share a cool success story with you today!

I’ve known Mike for a while – he is an affiliate marketer who has harnessed the power of FB and video to make money as an affiliate!

Now why should you care?

Because he’s currently making OVER $17,000 per month while building an email list for FREE at the same time.

And he’s practically GIVING this away!

Check out what I mean…


The cool thing about this is that using the methods that Mike teaches, all you need to do is:

1. Choose a product
2. Shoot a quick video
3. Sit back and make money as an affiliate!

It almost sounds too good to be true, and if I hadn’t seen Mike’s results PERSONALLY I would have been skeptical too.

But it’s true.

All of it!

And you get get your hands on his coveted secrets today for a RIDICULOUSLY low price.

Just click here to watch his story

If you want something that works with little investment (zero investment), you should try this!

And if you grab it shoot me a quick email telling me what you think…I’m looking forward to the “thank you” emails 🙂

Neil Napier.

P.S. If you’ve been looking for a method that will let you quit your job and give you the freedom to live life on YOUR terms then this is it!

Click here now!

Higher Conversion that Teespring…?

Now that’s a BOLD claim…but we’ve got
numbers to back it up!

If you are in the business of selling physical
products, digital products or working with
clients who have either of these, you NEED
to check this out:

Shaun and Jason have simplified the art of
selling physical products.

Let’s talk T-shirts for a second…

Teespring is great – I like it and make money
with it every month – but here’s what I think
is wrong with it:

– You don’t build a list (no long term business)
– You get LESS profits (you can definitely get more)
– If a campaign doesn’t tip, you lose money!

That’s pretty bad considering there’s no other
way to fulfill and keep OVER 60% of the revenue.

Or so you thought – right?

Because Product Pages allows you to do JUST
that – keep the list, keep the profits and keep
MAJORITY of the money (and no lost sales
for an untipped campaign).

Click here to watch a video I recorded:


Its a FANTASTIC opportunity for anyone selling
any kinds of products online!

Especially if you dont want to build your business
to the likes of Teespring, Amazon and such!

On the page that follows, we have included some
limited time bonuses too..

…which include our PROPRIETARY tool called
TeeGrabber (gets you hot-selling T-shirt ideas
from eBay).

Click here to check out a demo and the bonuses!

Neil Napier

P.S: I will send you a replay from webinar tomorrow!

How to make money with bookings…

The other day, I was reading a blog by a well read blogger in the marketing space. He knows a LOT of things about Facebook, so I am happy to go to this site everyday and read what he has to say.

Then I noticed that he is offering consultation – allowing you to BOOK a one-on-one session with him for which he charges a WHOOPING $497.

When I tried to book – the earliest session available was 2-weeks from now.

Do you know what that means?

Either he is lying…OR..

He is making a TON of money with bookings.

Now YOU can do it too – either yourself or by offering this as a service to your clients.

Here’s how you do it:

There are other options that would allow you to get bookings-setup for your clients…

…but none as robust and COMPLETE as this!

I’ve looked through this myself and for the price you have to pay (in past I’ve paid $47pm for such apps), this is a STEAL!

Prady’s work has always been top-notch – and this one is no different!

Couple that with our bonuses (you can see them on the link that follows), this becomes a no-brainer. A new offering for your local clients…

Check it out here:

Neil Napier

What if you hate photoshop…

But still want to create POWERFUL high-converting ads?

I had this EXACT problem for quite a while –
and ended up hiring designers left, right and
center to create ads for me – especially when
I was running high-budget ads!

In the end, I had over 8 designer at one point –
now I have 2 – especially thanks to FB Ad Engine.

Watch out review here:

Now if you’ve suffered from the same problems
as I did – you might want to fix it with this
software – it has already helped over a thousand
photoshop-hating marketers – and I suspect you
won’t be any different – right?

Well, regardless, this is worth a look – especially
if you constantly pay a designer $5-10 per ad
(which you can now create within minutes!)

Grab your copy here (comes down tomorrow

Neil Napier

Your clients can’t do without this…

Imagine this:

…you could build a professional and corporate
looking website that will attract the highest
caliber of customers.

But also…

…Have it all built around direct response to
ensure that your visitors will take action –
basically to make you money.

…all within the space of a few clicks.

Well today is the day where that is possible.

Check out what I mean here!

When it comes to a company’s website –
basically, their presence is all that matters –
there’s a fine line between elegance and
direct response.

1) You need an elegant website that conveys
how “professional” that business is.

2) You need all the triggers of a “direct response”
website because you need those visitors to take action.

It’s difficult enough to incorporate this into a
single website…

BUT it’s even more difficult to actually get
this kind of website done without any design
or coding skills.

But with A1 Pro you don’t need to worry about that:

Now imagine pitching this to your clients in a
nice and readymade format!

“How can I get more leads and customers that
are willing to pay more for my services?”

They would BITE your hand off!

These are pages that convert. That’s what the
A1 PRO WordPress theme is all about!

If you’ve purchased WP Store Press, Social
Bitcoin Stores or Social Portfolio from us,
this one would help you sell MORE to your clients.

Just go ahead and watch a demo here (and bonuses too):

Neil Napier