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[Webinar Invite] We Stole Tech From Hollywood Studios!
EXCLUSIVE – Watch Million Dollar Tech in action!
Case Study: See How They Generated 28k in sales.


I just watched a case study of how Neil and his team used Hollywood style tech to generate hands-off $28k in a few days.

Watch it here: [AFF LINK]

You’ll LOVE this little case study and how its SO simple to implement this and get results.

Interesting thing is – most people who want to sell don’t actually sell on their websites. They are afraid of selling!

They are worried that no one would give them their email, no one would buy something…but most importantly, no one would trust them.

Well Neil changes that by giving you authority and elegance in once. Just go and watch this video: [AFF LINK]

When it comes to advertisement – free or paid, most people are doing it wrong!

But then there are some who are on the cutting edge of advertisement – banking even with no-cost advertisement methods.

What if you could do that too? What if you could actually run your ads in front of targeted audience for free?

Neil’s going to show you LIVE on call how you can do exactly that. How you can rent PRIME real estate space on someone’s blog…

…for free!

And drive as much traffic to your signup and sales pages as you want!

Signup for the call here: 8 am EDT/NY on 6th August: [AFF LINK]


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Tomorrow, at 8 am EDT/NY, Neil is going to get people on a call and show them how he generates FREE targeted traffic to his signup and sales pages.

Honestly when I first heard about this – I thought it was all made-up – but his methods, and technology are REALLY powerful!

I challenge you to go to this call and follow each and every step and grow your business:

You don’t often get no-cost training like this. It will instantly transform you into a marketer who can talk his way into free publicity, and use it to sell anything and build a highly targeted email list!

Neil used the same technique last month to generate $28k+

So here’s what you need to do:

Sign up on the page that follows and also leave a comment. Be on the webinar 10 mins early, and you might just win a free copy to the software Neil will show on the call.
Attend webinar – date and time

Signup: [AFF LINK]


Project Manager Wanted

We’re hiring!

How would you like to move to a tropical island and work on cool stuff while enjoying the scenic beauty and launch products and build business strategy? If that sounds AWESOME, then you are looking in the right place at the right position!

We are offering you the opportunity that people hope to get when they are at an advanced stage in their careers and have already proven their mettle and are now in a position from where they can bargain for such an exotic location to stay and work from. Make sure to sign up for our email list to hear about more opportunities like this as soon as they are posted!

What’s The Opportunity?

This is a full-time position working with us as a Marketplace Manager here in the beautiful city of Lapu Lapu City, Cebu in Philippines. This is an apprenticeship position.

While the initial contract is for 6 months, we’re looking for someone who can take charge and run a piece of our business long-term.
You’ll transition from Apprentice to Team Member as you take on additional responsibilities. We want someone who will stay on through 2015/2016 and beyond.

Eventually, this role could turn into a location independent position, allowing you to work from wherever you’d like.

What’s Our Story?

We run our business from Lapu Lapu City, Cebu in Philippines.

KV Social was founded with a team located all over the Asia and Eastern Europe. Later, we consolidated all of our Philippine operations into a central office in Cebu, where everyone can work as an integral team.

KV Social was a one man company when it started i.e. just ME. Now there are 12 members in the team. In the past 12 months, the company has been able to generate over a million dollars, mainly by creating our own products as well as by promoting other people’s product.

The main focus of the team is to develop creative and effective solutions for social media, video marketing, and for the general internet marketing community.

We want you to help us delight our customers and provide an amazing customer experience.

We are currently using Asana following an Agile methodology. We have re-occurring product launches that consist of 150 tasks that must be driven and deadlines must be enforced.

What’s The Job Like?

It’s hard to tie it down to a specific job description because you’d be doing a lot of unique things and we’ll be applying your particular skill-sets and talents to the position. Still, we do want to lay out for you some of the tasks and responsibilities you’ll be taking on. These will include among others the following:

  • Managing product launches including product development, designing the sales funnel, and also the team including copywriters and affiliate management.
  • Creating clear and follow-able project plans, ensuring on-time and within-budget completion of software release projects.
  • Interfacing with clients and 3rd-party providers
  • Developing project plans. And finally providing feedback on the performance of period team members.
  • Running Quality Assurance (QA) and making sure that the final work meets the standards of the team, preparing clear and concise report on task progression and project metrics.

So as you can see you will be getting first hand valuable on the job training into all the spheres of running a business.

What Skills Do I Need?

You are a technical expert who is able to
Install new software products. Able to take outline of an idea and create a wireframe/project spec for the developers, able to handle escalations of technical nature – html/css, ftp, etc.
Also someone who has a solid technical background with a degree in Computer Science, Engineering or Information Systems, and also minimum 6 years work related experience with background in business analysis, end to end project management

You are both, a team member and leader, who is able to
Assess and allocate tasks to various members of the team, follow up with team members and ensures that tasks are done, provide daily report on progress of not one – but multiple projects.
Also use a Project Management system such as Microsoft Project or Asana, report to Executives, produce financial reports according to our specifications and report on idea generation and weekly business process.

When playing the role of HR Manager you are responsible for
Schedules for staff, hiring/firing/reprimanding employees.

Some other things expected from you are
You are a team player but can also work with minimal supervision. You have prior project and people management experience and most importantly drive to succeed and grow with the company.

What it’s like to be part of the team?

You will join a team of fun loving individuals who converts the word “working” to “enjoying”. Where necessary, you will work extra hours to complete tasks in time. You’ll be working a minimum of 40 hours per week.

P.S.: To find out more about KVSocial, See this video from our recent event in Berlin.


What’s the Living Situation Like?

You will be living in Lapu Lapu City / Cebu in Philipinnes.

Here’s a little about the city:
You land here at Mactan-Cebu International Airport, the second busiest airport in the Philippines. The simplest way to get around is by hopping on a tricycle or multicab (small jeepney). Taxi is also available for a comfortable trip.

For the Foodies:
There are different cuisines available here, for all the taste- buds, which include – : Filipino, Italian, Spanish, European, Thai, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese and Asian.

Main attraction:
The Jungle Restaurant – They serve Filipino and International cuisines and entertain diners with Filipino cultural dances. The cultural dancers showcase Filipino dances Subli, Salip, Palok, Liwa Liwa, Fan Dance, Tinikling and the Sinulog. Other special performances include Arnis, a native Filipino stick fighting exhibition, folk music, and snake dancers with live Philippines pythons.The Jungle Restaurant’s nightly main attraction is The Jungle Fire Dancers who eat, breath, spin and twirl fire. The Jungle Restaurant is open daily.

  • No rent or house bills to pay – Electricity, water, cable, internet connections, trash, etc. all handled by us
  • Maid service – We have maid service at the house, 6 days a week, 12 hours a day. I don’t know how we could do without after having this so long! Our current apprentice says “I haven’t cleaned dishes since I got here!”
  • Know your way around town – One of the frustrating things about moving somewhere is learning where to find things. For example, best coffee shops with Internet, top nightlife spots, repair services, etc. We’ll teach you the ins and outs of this place
  • Mentorship – You’ll be living and working closely with me (and our current apprentice) as we continue to expand our brand and marketing efforts. You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at a profitable, growing business and have direct access to us, our contacts, etc
  • You will have to pay for SOME stuff – Nights on the town, cell phone, personal items, etc.

We’ll take care of many of the day-to-day chores and tasks you’re familiar with so that you can maximize both work and play while you’re here.

Love It… Now What’s the Catch?

This isn’t a charity. We want to integrate you into our business and allow you to prove your hustle. At the same time, you’ll be getting tons of value from us by being out here and networking within our social circles.

You’ll be living/working with us and will know everything about our business. That’s quite a bit of trust we’re putting in you and we want to be brutally honest about what you’re getting into from the beginning.

You should probably be single. While we won’t go as far as saying you can’t be in a relationship, but this isn’t a package deal for families, couples, etc.

We do ask you to be here with us in Cebu the first 6 months. While this may eventually turn into a more permanent location-independent position, we know that working together will help you to become intimately familiar with our business and help us find areas of opportunity. We want the type of person who will ask, “What do we need to do to make this relationship continue because I’m digging it and I’m good at the work!”

It’s going to be hard work. Ok, you’re not going to be digging ditches or moving heavy furniture all day, but some of the work will seriously deplete your brain power (strategy sessions, late-night whiteboarding, etc.) Some of it will be boring (dealing with hard to please clients.)

Some of it may be uncomfortable and push you out of your comfort zone. Reaching out to people you don’t know, pushing the boundaries on your skillsets, etc. Still – doing things we’re not completely comfortable with is how we learn.

We’re going to need your full attention. This won’t be a side-project for you. We’re looking for someone that wants to create a permanent, valuable position on our team. This isn’t an extended vacation or a gap-year getaway, we want someone with a “commitment to the hustle” and savvy enough to realize the opportunity and growth potential you’ll have with us.

You’re not going to make a ton of cash at the start. The good news is that most of your living expenses here are paid and it is super cheap to live in SE Asia. You’ll make 60K PHP per month which is plenty to live a comfortable life here in Lapu-Lapu City and sock enough away to take a couple of trips while you’re here. Want to make more? Find a position where you’re adding so much value to our team that we can’t afford to lose you!

Anything Else?

We want people that are open to travel, remote work situations, etc., but we’re not looking for backpacking hippies that just want to goof off for several months.

We want hungry, eye-on-the-prize hustlers that are serious about changing their lives and building businesses. You’ll be running projects not tasks, so we need those that can take initiative and get shit done.

We don’t want to oversell this, but it is an amazing opportunity. We’re looking for a good fit over anything else.

Don’t think you’re qualified? You might be surprised! Go ahead and apply.

We’ll be reviewing EVERY application and we know others that are looking to provide a similar opportunity as well, so you might be a good fit for them!

How Do I Apply?

Step 1: Record a YouTube video (details below), and submit by the due date (Deadline: July 15th but bonus points for early submissions)
Submit your video to this link: Submit Video Here

Step 2: Review submissions and schedule interview
Step 3: Second interview and final decision
Step 4 : Apprentice announcement
Step 5: Arrive in the Philippines

*YouTube Video Requirements:

First section: 1-2 minutes explaining why you’re a good fit for this position.

Second section: 1-2 minutes with your best strategy for finding new buyers/sellers.

Third section: 1-3 minutes describing a negotiation or dealing with a problem situation between 2 or more parties that you had to resolve in the past.

Please put this all in one video and upload it to YouTube. We’ll need you to give us the link in the application.

don’t worry…you’re better than you think you are!

If you’re thinking about applying but worried you might not have enough (insert excuse here) – don’t worry…you’re better than you think you are!

P.S.: when applying, you must write the name of your city in the subject, if you do not we will know you didn’t read the description and you have no attention to detail, meaning automatically disqualified.

We look forward to working with YOU soon! Want to hear about more opportunities like this? Sign up for our email list!

[Case Study] 5 Ways to Retarget

For quite some time now, retargeting has been pretty powerful method of bringing back potential customers that abandoned cart for whatever reason.

In fact, some people out there are actually offering full-fledged retargeting campaigns for over $1,000 per month!

More on this tomorrow!

HINT: You can offer such services too!

For now, I want to show you different ways of retargeting with REASON!

See – retargeting allows you to bring back visitors to your sales page (whether that is Teespring, Amazon or your own site)…so in case they missed out on a purchase, you can try and resell them again.

But this is where most people get it wrong – they don’t try and understand WHY someone abandoned cart in the first place. Whatever the reason maybe, I will give you 5 ways to retarget to get your prospects back and turn them into clients:

#1 Remind Them: Most of the time people just forget what they were doing on a particular page. It happens – and I am sure its happened to you where you get up and walk up to the kitchen, but as soon as you get there, you forget why you went there! So just retarget them and remind them WHAT they missed. Simples!

#2 Position It Differently: Is your product too one-dimensional? Perhaps what you had on the sales page didn’t appeal to a certain segment. Well, no worries – retarget them to a different page and appeal from a different angle – you still might be able to convert 40% + of the people. Case in point – what if your product targeted females and a male visitor visited your page – retarget them and send to a male-targeted page!

#3 Offer a Lower Price: In MANY cases, people don’t purchase something as it costs too much. Understandable. If you still want to sell without going into loss – just retarget people to a page where it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Of course – keep this as a last option. But you might find 25-60% of people coming back and purchasing because of the discount.

#4 Add Something Extra: What about some bonuses? What if you could add something extra to lure back someone to your sales page? It works – we’ve used it HUNDREDS of time with consistent success! No reason why you can’t use this ninja technique. If anything, your customer will thank you!

#5 Offer Something Else: That’s right. What if they didn’t like Product A? No worries – you can still try and sell them Product B. Whilst the uptake might not be high, you could still make an additional 10% revenue every month and acheive this!

Its actually pretty simple. Check out some case studies here (not mine):
(free case studies)

Now wait for my email tomorrow where I will give you some training on how to retarget and grab 40 – 80% more clients with some hands-off techniques!

Neil Napier

Crowdsourcing your FB traffic!

Yesterday, I emailed about how you can crowd-source your FB traffic! In case you
missed it, do check it out here as there’s still a couple of days to go:

In our business, it is important to work hard.

But smart work pays off as well!

Have you ever wanted to get other people to do work for you – to generate traffic for
you – and not pay them anything? I mean, getting other people to generate traffic for
you sounds good – doesn’t it?

So how do you do that?

Well, viral lead machine allows you to do JUST that!

Use the Facebook News Feed to build up easy contests to generate leads for you
(and make sales – if you wanted?)

Click here to watch it in action!

More so than the results, there’s ONE reason I like this tool – its simplicity to use without
complex installation. Its not a plugin so you don’t need a site to create this! Everything is
hosted by Tom & Stu.

So whilst you can use the FREE traffic it generates to sell Amazon, Teespring or any
other products, what I do like it is that you can get started TONIGHT as you don’t need
to go through messy installations!

In fact, there are 2 case studies on the page that I’ve linked to – which boast of results including:

– 1369 leads from ONE campaign
– 604 sales/buyer leads in 3 days.

Even if you make $5 profit per sale – we are talking $3,000 in 3 days.

Not bad, right?

Check it out here:

When students make $100k+

As a product creator and consultant, it is a very proud moment for us when a buyer/student comes back and tells us that they have implemented our training we gave away to make $100k+. In fact, one of the students has made $350k+ in under 5 months using one of our tools.

This new guy on the block – Hung – is no different (except that he is not our student!)

Instead, Teespring Jedi-Master Damien Caceres helped shape up this newbie from nothing to $100k – and you can read all about how he did right here!

Hung was a part of Damien’s mastermind group for over 2 months, spending over $1k for coaching. But now Damien has packaged that ENTIRE result-oriented coaching as part of the training course. For a very limited time only, he has made this available for KVSocial customers.

As you know – we do a fair bit of Teespring – but not like Damien.

So much so, that I requested early access to the course as I wanted to pick up and implement few things myself!

Already – our team is reporting better niche generation and targeting to get the desired results. Some components are still missing – like readymade T-shirt designs and ads – but don’t worry – I have a solution for that!

What I have done is created over 100 T-shirt designs which can be yours IF you chose to buy Tee Profits Recipe here!

Here’s a list of what bonuses are included:

1. Social Mini-Store – FB Sales page creation software used by OVER 4,000 happy customers (I had to twist Karthik’s arm to make it available for our customers)

2. Secret TeeGrabber – Find out high converting T-shirts on ebay!

3. 25x Trending T-shirt Designs – We give you 25 readymade T-shirts we’ve created following Tee Profits Recipe guidelines

4. 50x High Converting Ad Images – Same thing – 2 ads per T-shirt so you can start right away!

All of this is included when you purchase via this link:

Neil Napier

P.S: This product has JUST gone live – you can check out all the bonuses and a special video we created right here:

P.P.S: I will do a webinar to give you some kick-butt training on Teespring tomorrow – keep an eye on your email for the free training link!

Its LIVE – Boost your FB Ads…

Earlier today I mailed you about an easy-to-use method of creating your own FB ads without outsourcing and without delays – well, our own Marie recorded a demo video for you – go and check it out here:


Now this is NOT just any ad creator (it is different to Social Ad Maker).

In fact, this can be used in conjunction with Social ad maker.

See – Social Ad Maker (something we created) allows you to create MULTIPLE ad sets completely and upload them in FB. Whilst its a robust software, the image creation platform is lacking in parts. That’s where FB Ad Engine comes in.

Since I’ve started using it, I haven’t bugged my team to create ads for me – and Marie is the same – as she explains in the video she made!

Now I wanted to demo this for you – but Marie insisted that she creates something – since she liked the software so much and also because she wanted to offer more value to KVSocial customers 🙂

Few features of this software:

– Drag and drop image editing (built on innovative HTML5 platforms)
– Add text, button and bring in your own image
– Work with a GRID for precision ads, and
– Insert arrows and backgrounds

This works perfectly for local marketing, online marketing as well as physical products – including T-shirts.

Now there’s just ONE kicker…

Martin’s allowed me to sell 65 licenses only – and this is at a special price – which trust me, will sell out fast!

After the 65 licenses are gone – we won’t be able to sell any more!

So don’t wait to find out that the page is gone

…click here and get it now:

3 Steps to Hands-Off Residual Income

Yesterday, if you were on the webinar around “3 steps to hands-off residual income” – Great!

If you were not – keep reading…

I broke down a 3-step process which has NEVER been shared before…

So I will elaborate there here – but you DO need Local Lead Examiner to make it work.

Get it here:

Here are the 3-steps:

Step #1 – Generate Traffic
Use free or paid traffic techniques to land prospects on your website (step #2 will convert them into clients). There are a couple of scripts you can follow for cold emailing, or use FB Business Finder – both of which are available as bonuses when you purchase Local Lead Examiner.

Step #2 – Offer Value (and close leads)

Show them exactly how their website is faring, with the help of Local Lead Examiner (which you can rebrand and put on your own site).

Then once they get a detailed report, they will give you there email address which you can follow up in order to close them.

Step #3 – Fulfillment

No need to fulfill yourself – as you can simply make partnerships with developers and designers and still keep 25-50% of the project.

*** BONUS INFO ***

Now just for the next 7 hours, I am going to extend the bonuses that I offered on the call (some people commented they wanted to wait
till my email)….

1. Client closing phone scripts
2. FB-ads Traffic Gen Strategies
3. FB Business Finder
4. Partnering up with service providers (VIDEO TRAINING – JUST AVAILABLE FOR 7 HOURS)
5. Acquiring Service Providers (VIDEO TRAINING – JUST AVAILABLE FOR 7 HOURS)
6. Webinar recording from “3-steps to hands-off residual income” (AVAILABLE FOR 7 HOURS)

So go here and buy Local Lead Examiner right now and get the full package that shows you how to make money with it the way NO ONE ELSE is…

Go and buy here:

Is this legal?

Now we’ve been getting this question from a LOT of our customers – is Social Lead Chief legal?

Is it within the ToS?

I have spoken to Stefan – and I can confirm that it is indeed legal. Running surveys right within your FB timelines and building leads with it is something you can do in ANY market…

So if you haven’t yet seen it in action, check it out here:

Surveys, Polls, & Quizzes In FB NEWSFEED?

I missed sending you this earlier – since the Oktoberfest Mastermind has been uber-busy…but you HAVE to check out Social Lead Chief that went live earlier today:

It is – BY FAR – the best FB product I have seen around in a while!

It includes:

– The ability to create polls, surveys and Quiz’s in minutes with ease
– Build fully custom and engaging Poll’s Surveys and Quiz’s
– Capture leads automatically when anyone engages with your Poll, Survey or Quiz
– Track, Manage and edit your campaigns plus you can run this for businesses selling this as a service!

Watch a demo here:

After testing this out – I am impressed… and I see the value of building your own surveys, polls and quizzes RIGHT within FB timelines and then driving some paid traffic to it to make sales!

This is an extension of what OfferFunnel was – and works REALLY well!

We have also included some bonuses for this one – which include: a LOT of Social Lead Chief special bonuses…

…check them out here:

Struggling with fulfillment?


When it comes to physical products, most people don’t venture in as they are scared of fulfillment! Of course, there are other things too, but most of the time, people ask – “Where do we source the products from?”

Let me break it down into 3-steps for you! If you want to create and sell physical products, here’s what you can do…

Step #1 – Pick a physical product you’d like to sell. Looking through best selling products on Amazon is a good thing to do!

Step #2 – Look for how you can source the products. Amazon/ebay are priced so you won’t always make a good margin – so look for dropshippers. Look for Keyword + Dropshipper

Step #3 – Contact these dropshippers telling them about how many you plan to sell per month (100 or so to begin with is a good start). Try and communicate to them that you are interested in building a long term relationship and voila!

Fulfillment done!

And when it comes to selling – well ProductPages is the best solution I have seen in the market – and it is only available till midnight ET/NY. So go grab it here:

I will send you another reminder later today – but do get it now in case you won’t be around later today!

Neil Napier

P.S: We are holding a special QnA webinar session today at NOON ET/NY – you are signed up for that – but do attend that if you have any questions! See you there!