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Crowdsourcing your FB traffic!

Yesterday, I emailed about how you can crowd-source your FB traffic! In case you
missed it, do check it out here as there’s still a couple of days to go:

In our business, it is important to work hard.

But smart work pays off as well!

Have you ever wanted to get other people to do work for you – to generate traffic for
you – and not pay them anything? I mean, getting other people to generate traffic for
you sounds good – doesn’t it?

So how do you do that?

Well, viral lead machine allows you to do JUST that!

Use the Facebook News Feed to build up easy contests to generate leads for you
(and make sales – if you wanted?)

Click here to watch it in action!

More so than the results, there’s ONE reason I like this tool – its simplicity to use without
complex installation. Its not a plugin so you don’t need a site to create this! Everything is
hosted by Tom & Stu.

So whilst you can use the FREE traffic it generates to sell Amazon, Teespring or any
other products, what I do like it is that you can get started TONIGHT as you don’t need
to go through messy installations!

In fact, there are 2 case studies on the page that I’ve linked to – which boast of results including:

– 1369 leads from ONE campaign
– 604 sales/buyer leads in 3 days.

Even if you make $5 profit per sale – we are talking $3,000 in 3 days.

Not bad, right?

Check it out here:

When students make $100k+

As a product creator and consultant, it is a very proud moment for us when a buyer/student comes back and tells us that they have implemented our training we gave away to make $100k+. In fact, one of the students has made $350k+ in under 5 months using one of our tools.

This new guy on the block – Hung – is no different (except that he is not our student!)

Instead, Teespring Jedi-Master Damien Caceres helped shape up this newbie from nothing to $100k – and you can read all about how he did right here!

Hung was a part of Damien’s mastermind group for over 2 months, spending over $1k for coaching. But now Damien has packaged that ENTIRE result-oriented coaching as part of the training course. For a very limited time only, he has made this available for KVSocial customers.

As you know – we do a fair bit of Teespring – but not like Damien.

So much so, that I requested early access to the course as I wanted to pick up and implement few things myself!

Already – our team is reporting better niche generation and targeting to get the desired results. Some components are still missing – like readymade T-shirt designs and ads – but don’t worry – I have a solution for that!

What I have done is created over 100 T-shirt designs which can be yours IF you chose to buy Tee Profits Recipe here!

Here’s a list of what bonuses are included:

1. Social Mini-Store – FB Sales page creation software used by OVER 4,000 happy customers (I had to twist Karthik’s arm to make it available for our customers)

2. Secret TeeGrabber – Find out high converting T-shirts on ebay!

3. 25x Trending T-shirt Designs – We give you 25 readymade T-shirts we’ve created following Tee Profits Recipe guidelines

4. 50x High Converting Ad Images – Same thing – 2 ads per T-shirt so you can start right away!

All of this is included when you purchase via this link:

Neil Napier

P.S: This product has JUST gone live – you can check out all the bonuses and a special video we created right here:

P.P.S: I will do a webinar to give you some kick-butt training on Teespring tomorrow – keep an eye on your email for the free training link!