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Its LIVE – Boost your FB Ads…

Earlier today I mailed you about an easy-to-use method of creating your own FB ads without outsourcing and without delays – well, our own Marie recorded a demo video for you – go and check it out here:


Now this is NOT just any ad creator (it is different to Social Ad Maker).

In fact, this can be used in conjunction with Social ad maker.

See – Social Ad Maker (something we created) allows you to create MULTIPLE ad sets completely and upload them in FB. Whilst its a robust software, the image creation platform is lacking in parts. That’s where FB Ad Engine comes in.

Since I’ve started using it, I haven’t bugged my team to create ads for me – and Marie is the same – as she explains in the video she made!

Now I wanted to demo this for you – but Marie insisted that she creates something – since she liked the software so much and also because she wanted to offer more value to KVSocial customers 🙂

Few features of this software:

– Drag and drop image editing (built on innovative HTML5 platforms)
– Add text, button and bring in your own image
– Work with a GRID for precision ads, and
– Insert arrows and backgrounds

This works perfectly for local marketing, online marketing as well as physical products – including T-shirts.

Now there’s just ONE kicker…

Martin’s allowed me to sell 65 licenses only – and this is at a special price – which trust me, will sell out fast!

After the 65 licenses are gone – we won’t be able to sell any more!

So don’t wait to find out that the page is gone

…click here and get it now:

3 Steps to Hands-Off Residual Income

Yesterday, if you were on the webinar around “3 steps to hands-off residual income” – Great!

If you were not – keep reading…

I broke down a 3-step process which has NEVER been shared before…

So I will elaborate there here – but you DO need Local Lead Examiner to make it work.

Get it here:

Here are the 3-steps:

Step #1 – Generate Traffic
Use free or paid traffic techniques to land prospects on your website (step #2 will convert them into clients). There are a couple of scripts you can follow for cold emailing, or use FB Business Finder – both of which are available as bonuses when you purchase Local Lead Examiner.

Step #2 – Offer Value (and close leads)

Show them exactly how their website is faring, with the help of Local Lead Examiner (which you can rebrand and put on your own site).

Then once they get a detailed report, they will give you there email address which you can follow up in order to close them.

Step #3 – Fulfillment

No need to fulfill yourself – as you can simply make partnerships with developers and designers and still keep 25-50% of the project.

*** BONUS INFO ***

Now just for the next 7 hours, I am going to extend the bonuses that I offered on the call (some people commented they wanted to wait
till my email)….

1. Client closing phone scripts
2. FB-ads Traffic Gen Strategies
3. FB Business Finder
4. Partnering up with service providers (VIDEO TRAINING – JUST AVAILABLE FOR 7 HOURS)
5. Acquiring Service Providers (VIDEO TRAINING – JUST AVAILABLE FOR 7 HOURS)
6. Webinar recording from “3-steps to hands-off residual income” (AVAILABLE FOR 7 HOURS)

So go here and buy Local Lead Examiner right now and get the full package that shows you how to make money with it the way NO ONE ELSE is…

Go and buy here:

Is this legal?

Now we’ve been getting this question from a LOT of our customers – is Social Lead Chief legal?

Is it within the ToS?

I have spoken to Stefan – and I can confirm that it is indeed legal. Running surveys right within your FB timelines and building leads with it is something you can do in ANY market…

So if you haven’t yet seen it in action, check it out here:

Surveys, Polls, & Quizzes In FB NEWSFEED?

I missed sending you this earlier – since the Oktoberfest Mastermind has been uber-busy…but you HAVE to check out Social Lead Chief that went live earlier today:

It is – BY FAR – the best FB product I have seen around in a while!

It includes:

– The ability to create polls, surveys and Quiz’s in minutes with ease
– Build fully custom and engaging Poll’s Surveys and Quiz’s
– Capture leads automatically when anyone engages with your Poll, Survey or Quiz
– Track, Manage and edit your campaigns plus you can run this for businesses selling this as a service!

Watch a demo here:

After testing this out – I am impressed… and I see the value of building your own surveys, polls and quizzes RIGHT within FB timelines and then driving some paid traffic to it to make sales!

This is an extension of what OfferFunnel was – and works REALLY well!

We have also included some bonuses for this one – which include: a LOT of Social Lead Chief special bonuses…

…check them out here:

Struggling with fulfillment?


When it comes to physical products, most people don’t venture in as they are scared of fulfillment! Of course, there are other things too, but most of the time, people ask – “Where do we source the products from?”

Let me break it down into 3-steps for you! If you want to create and sell physical products, here’s what you can do…

Step #1 – Pick a physical product you’d like to sell. Looking through best selling products on Amazon is a good thing to do!

Step #2 – Look for how you can source the products. Amazon/ebay are priced so you won’t always make a good margin – so look for dropshippers. Look for Keyword + Dropshipper

Step #3 – Contact these dropshippers telling them about how many you plan to sell per month (100 or so to begin with is a good start). Try and communicate to them that you are interested in building a long term relationship and voila!

Fulfillment done!

And when it comes to selling – well ProductPages is the best solution I have seen in the market – and it is only available till midnight ET/NY. So go grab it here:

I will send you another reminder later today – but do get it now in case you won’t be around later today!

Neil Napier

P.S: We are holding a special QnA webinar session today at NOON ET/NY – you are signed up for that – but do attend that if you have any questions! See you there!

Social + Mobile Surveys in 7 Minutes!


In case you missed our webinar earlier today – don’t worry – we’ll do an encore tomorrow (Tuesday) at 3 PM ET/NY.

But for now, I do want to point you towards Funnlr – perhaps the most versatile social + mobile survey creator right here:


This is an exciting new software by Lee, Stuart and Tom who have been working at it for over 4 months – to create a survey software that works in Facebook as well as Mobile (And in Facebook on mobile – that’s pretty sweet!)

If you got my 3-step email yesterday, you’ll realize its pretty easy to get prospects:

– Interested
– Engaged, and
– Committed…

…to get whatever it is you are selling! In fact, Lee used the same principle to generate $100 in one single day with $10 worth of ads (if I have my numbers right).

Its also the same concept I used last week to add an extra $5,000 to our immediate income.

I am SO impressed with Funnlr – that I have put out the BIGGEST bonus package to date…

If you are interested in building up surveys for yourself and your clients within FB + Mobile, checkout Funnlr and our bonuses:

Social Mobi Hotsites now available!

In case you missed my email yesterday (or earlier today), don’t worry – I will summarize it in the next paragraph.

But for now – know that Early Bird price for Social Mobi Hotsites has JUST gone live.

Grab it here:

Social Mobi Hotsites is a NEW lead-gen phenomenon that is taking both local and online markets by storm. There have been multiple MILLION dollar businesses that have built this kind of business – a lead gen business that could pay you anywhere between $50-$500 per lead!

The cool thing is with Social Mobi Sites you can generate your OWN business – so no freelancing, no products – nothing.

With the Facebook integration – these sites can actually go VIRAL! Making your job even easier.

I’ve covered some info about it in a special video I created…check it out here:


This SaaS-based Video Hotsite system (no installation/no hosting needed) let’s you get FB-Mobile-Ready Hotsite in 4 simple steps:

#1 – Selecting a Local Niche such as restaurants that has “viral” potential
#2 – Clicking & deploy while leveraging the “CSV Mass Upload” functionality
#3 – Sign up local businesses leveraging your “Social Proofed Community” Hotsite
#4 – Drive “Geofenced” FB traffic so your Hotsite becomes popular.

This is REALLY powerful – and if you are already on the webinar, you will see this!

But if you are not – no worries – just go to that link, check out my video and you will see how POWERFUL these hotsites are:

Neil Napier

P.S: While you read this email, I might very well be on a flight – travel day today.